Hyundai Racing Game in Times Square

Hyundai Motor Corporation (HMC) hired the prestigious gaming company 2XL to create a Hyundai Racing Game to be played in Times Square on the Hyundai LED signs using an iPhone app. The Hyundai Racing Game features Hyundai's new car model, the Veloster.

This would be the first time that any racing game would be displayed in real time on a large sign in Times Square and there were many technical challenges that had to be overcome. The WOW Factor also manages the content and scheduling for the Hyundai Signs on the Two Times Square building located on 47th street facing South.

Through HMC's NY based creative agency, Momentum, the WOW Factor was chosen to handle all of the technical aspects of making the game playable in Times Square, including the role of General Contractor.

Working with our own engineers and the engineers from 2XL, the combined team was successful in creating a powerful permanent Hyundai WIFI Hotspot. This Hotspot had to be powerful enough to cover all of the areas within the field of view of the Hyundai Signs. There are 2 signs separated by a restaurant located in the Marriott Renaissance Hotel. The top sign would feature game instructions and Hyundai ads, while the lower sign would feature the game play.

When someone wants to play the game, they simply download the Free App from the iTunes store. Once they have the app installed, they login to the Free Hyundai Hotspot in Times Square, enter their name, and then race the Veloster!

The WOW Factor monitors game play for Hyundai to make sure that the game runs smoothly. The game is scheduled to play in Times Square until the end of May 2012.